How to refill the Missing values to complete the sequence

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Hello Everyone, i hope you are doing well.
I have the following data, in the data i have two pattern at 2200 and 1800
There are some missing values which exist at the values of 4000
I want generlize code to complete the sequence using the missing value at 4000 e.g they should be refill in the pattern
How can i do that in matlab

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KSSV il 16 Apr 2022
Modificato: KSSV il 16 Apr 2022
Read about fillmissing.
load('') ;
idx = Values == 4000 ; % get missing values i.e. 4000
Values(idx) = NaN ; % replace missing values/ 4000 with NaNs
Values = fillmissing(Values,'linear') ; % use fillmissing. You can explore other options too.


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