Trouble using readtable function

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I am trying to read a .txt file into a table in MATLAB, using
TGWAS = readtable(AD_magma_genes.txt, 'FileType', 'text')
But I keep getting the error 'Unable to resolve the name AD_magma_genes.txt'
I put the file in the same folder I have been using for everything so far, and it still doesn't want to read it into MATLAB. Any idea how I can fix this problem?
Thank you!

Accepted Answer

Arif Hoq
Arif Hoq on 17 Apr 2022
Edited: Arif Hoq on 17 Apr 2022
you need to specify the file with single quotation.
TGWAS = readtable('AD_magma_genes.txt')
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Valentina Martinez
Valentina Martinez on 17 Apr 2022
Oh wow, what a silly mistake. Thank you so much!!

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