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Statistical significance of gridded anomaly matrix

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Claire on 14 Jan 2015
Commented: Sanatan Binisia on 2 Apr 2021
I have two 2D matrices which contain latitude/longitude temperature data, with dimensions 22x12. I.e matrix A(22x12) and matrix B(22x12).
I would like to determine if my matrix A is statistically significant from matrix B.
Matrix B was created by changing a parameter in matrix A, so I was looking at using a student's paired t-test, which does not assume that your two datasets are independent.
The issue I am having is in trying to apply the t-test to my data.
I have tried to use the 'ttest' function but the analysis seems to be done along columns
ans is a vector with 12 points.
What I actually want is to test for significance at each grid point, so that I can determine where (in terms of latitude and longitude coordinates), my model is giving statistically significant results. I.e. I'd like a 22x12 output of the significance test. I then want to use this to mark the statistically significant regions in an anomaly plot.
I'm not sure if/how to use 'ttest' to do this, or if I am using the wrong function all together.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Sanatan Binisia
Sanatan Binisia on 2 Apr 2021
Did anyone find the solution? please share, I am also having the same problem.

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