how to make a code that guess the color of the string variable stored ?

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mywords = "sulaman is here";
ht = text(0.8,0.8,mywords,'color','b')
now i want to make the code that take the guess from the user
whats my favourite color ?
if user input blue then disp "you are right" if wrong then "try again"

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Arif Hoq
Arif Hoq il 20 Apr 2022
Modificato: Arif Hoq il 20 Apr 2022
try this:
mywords = "sulaman is here";
ht = text(0.8,0.8,mywords,'color','b');
A = input('whats my favourite color ? ','s');
if strcmp(A,str)==1
disp('you are right')
disp('try again')

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