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Creating structure array and store it in mat file!

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I am working in signature recognition system my final project, I have many variable and I want to store it in structure array then I save the structure array in a mat file. but there is a problem, when I store data in the 1st index then 2nd then third... so on when I want to access the data from the 1st index it give me an empty variable. my data is (image,name of person, lastname, ID, complex number,double number) and I get all these data from interface. I have put the below code in push button_callback:
name=get(handles.edit2, 'string');
lastname= get(handles.edit3, 'string');
id= get(handles.edit4, 'string');
A = handles.amplitud;
Phi = handles.phi;
array(1).name = name;
array(1).lastname = lastname;
array(1).amplitud = A;
array(1).phi = Phi;
array(1).ID = id;
when I want to get the 1st index data I write like this:
but I get something like this:
ans =
I can just access the last index data.
it is very difficult problem for me. if some one know answer me.

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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy il 20 Gen 2015
Perhaps you define the structure incorrect,
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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy il 21 Gen 2015
From your code, i can guess that it is actually part of a GUI script. What do you call by interface is actually what i (we) call GUI (Graphical User Interface).
The problem you've mentioned its still rather sketchy. Can you confirm several things beforehand?
  1. Does your GUI code have something like this (in line 21)? %See also: GUIDE, GUIDATA, GUIHANDLES
  2. Can you confirm that Database.mat is saved?
  3. Did you call array(1).name inside GUI? or do you call it in command windows?
Mansoor ahmadi
Mansoor ahmadi il 25 Gen 2015
Modificato: Mansoor ahmadi il 25 Gen 2015
1. Yes.
2. No.
3. Yes I call array(1).name inside GUI.
I think you found its problem sir!
thank you for your response!

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