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How do you reformat this for a custom surface equation

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Xymbu il 29 Apr 2022
Risposto: Ravi il 28 Dic 2023
This is an example of using a custom example with fit using a function.
I seem to have trouble applying it with two variables z(x,y).

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Ravi il 28 Dic 2023
Hi Xymbu,
I understand that you want to find how to model a custom surface equation defined by two variables.
Please follow the below steps to achieve it.
1. Open the Curve Fitter app by entering the command “curveFitter” in the command window.
2. Create three variables, “x”, “y”, and “z” in the workspace.
3. On the “Curve Fitter tab, in the Data section, click Select Data. In the dialog, select the corresponding variables that you have defined in the workspace.
4. Now, in the “Fit Type” section, select “Custom equation” option.
5. In the “Custom Equation” tab that opens to the right, you can define the surface equation.
To learn more about curve fitting, please refer to the following links.
I hope this solution works for you.
Ravi Chandra


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