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How to save an image which only display properly using imshow(grayImg,[])?

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I am working on an image encryption project, so I first converts color image to gray and do the rest, after encryption I can see the image only using
Not by
but if I store the image with
Then it isn't saving as expected or not as I saw when using imshow(grayImg,[]) Does anyone know what kind of error am I making?
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 1 Mag 2022
If you use single or double in imshow() it expects the values to be in the range 0-1. If they're below 0 the pixels show up as black. If more than 1 the pixels show up as white. If you use [] then it scales the min of your data (whatever value it may have) to black and the max to white.
To save a double as a tiff, this should do it:
% Create floating point image.
rgbImage = rand (10, 20, 3);
% Image must be single precision.
rgbImage = single(rgbImage);
% Display it.
imshow(rgbImage, 'InitialMagnification', 1000)
axis('on', 'image');
% Create tiff object.
fileName = '_floatingPointImage.tif';
tiffObject = Tiff(fileName, 'w')
% Set tags.
tagstruct.ImageLength = size(rgbImage,1);
tagstruct.ImageWidth = size(rgbImage,2);
tagstruct.Compression = Tiff.Compression.None;
tagstruct.SampleFormat = Tiff.SampleFormat.IEEEFP;
tagstruct.Photometric = Tiff.Photometric.MinIsBlack;
tagstruct.BitsPerSample = 32;
tagstruct.SamplesPerPixel = size(rgbImage,3);
tagstruct.PlanarConfiguration = Tiff.PlanarConfiguration.Chunky;
% Write the array to disk.
% Recall image.
m2 = imread(fileName)
% Check that it's the same as what we wrote out.
maxDiff = max(max(m2-rgbImage))

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yanqi liu
yanqi liu il 7 Mag 2022
yes,sir,may be use
and, then to check the file

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