Want help regarding SPICE-Imported MOSFET

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Hi everyone,
I want to use SPICE-Imported MOSFET in my simulation, I need a 1200V MOSFET while in SIMSCAPE library I find only 40V, 80V Infineon MOSFETS.
I have downloaded the SPICE models from WolfSpeed and have put them in the source folder where the in built/ existing 40, 80V MOSFETS are located (in C:Program files\MATLAB\.........) however I am unable to fetch them in simulink.
Kindly could you please guide me how I can import the external spice models (Especially if they are not from Infineon).
THANKS to you.

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 5 May 2022
Hello Waqar,
there is a command, subcircuit 2 ssc that can be used to import most SPICE models. There are some limitations however, because many LTSPICE models use proprietary functions not actually part of the original SPICE. Many of WolfSpeed's models are specifically for LTSPICE and not using generic SPICE language. In these cases, the models might import, but they might also fail when an LTSPICE proprietary command is used.
This is the command that you would use to import SPICE models into Simscape. Please look at some of the examples to see how it is done: https://www.mathworks.com/help/physmod/sps/ref/subcircuit2ssc.html
If importing doesn't work, the n-channel mosfet is a generic mathematical model that can be parmaterized off of the data sheet. https://www.mathworks.com/help/physmod/sps/ref/nchannelmosfet.html

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