why is the result of this simple code about Appdecoder wrong?

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i use system object block to encode and decode a data stream as u see in the written code below. but i dont know when i compare the data with the decoded data, its result is completely wrong, can anyone know its reason?
% clc;
clear all;
Data1=randi([0 1],300,1);
H=comm.ConvolutionalEncoder('TrellisStructure',poly2trellis(5,[23 35]),'TerminationMethod','Truncated');
h=comm.APPDecoder('TrellisStructure',poly2trellis(5,[23 35]),'TerminationMethod','Truncated','Algorithm','True APP');
y=step(H, Data1);
b=double(x >0);
v=Data1-b }

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