Modelling the average model of a bidirectional DC DC converter

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Hi all,
I am modeling a hydrogen-renewable microgrid and want to use average models of converters and inverters to reduce simulation time (my current microgrid model with IGBT and PWM converter and inverter took 2 hours to simulate 24seconds in Simulink, which is too long). Currently, I have successfully modeled the DC DC boost converter and buck converter, however, for the bidirectional DC DC converter, I have not been able to simulate that. So I wondering if someone had done it in the past and be able to send me the simulation file or any document related to this. Thank you guys so much.
Best regards,
Phan Văn Long
P/S: Below is the simulation file with an average model of DC DC boost converter, buck converter and a average model of bidirectional dc dc converter (connect with a pv panel - mppt boost converter)

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel il 10 Mag 2022
Hello Phan,
Specialized Power Systems has a half-bridge which can be used as part of a bi-directional dc/dc converter and supports average mode. You will need to add the LC components to make it work.


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