Audio Pitch Manipulating Envelope

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Hans Buchele
Hans Buchele il 14 Mag 2022
Commentato: Jonas il 15 Mag 2022
Dear Community, I am struggling to find a way to manipulate an audio signal with slight pitch changes over time. I would like to have some sort of envelope with time points, where the pitch modulation can be entered. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!
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Hans Buchele
Hans Buchele il 15 Mag 2022
Hey Jonas, thanks for the links. I was searching extensively but have not seen them before. Maybe it is possible to achieve it this way but I was hoping for a simpler, still more flexible solution. Adobe Audition for example has some sort of line where you can set points and manipulate the pitch + and - I was hoping for something similar with time points and pitch values. Thank you for your help I will check out your links in detail later!
Jonas il 15 Mag 2022
alternatively you can look for information of the plugin you are speaking of or look of Audacity has the same feature. I think you can look up all of Audacity's algorithms and rebuild it in matlab. I think there is also a way to use audio Plugins in Matlab.

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