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convert ppg signal into visible graph

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RandomChikiBum il 15 Mag 2022
Risposto: Chandra il 25 Mag 2022
I am given a mat file with row wise data samples of a PPG signal with last column as target labels (0 and 1), I should convert this to visibility graph
I am given the following mat file:-

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Chandra il 25 Mag 2022
use this code to plot the values on graph
load('all_subjects (1).mat');
for i = 1:219 %change the range depending on requirement(eg. i = 1:10)
A = cell2mat(C(i));
hold on; %it is used to plot all graphs on one figure,it can be changed to figure if it needed in different figures
refer to plot for different styles of graph
refer to cell2mat for converstion of cell data to matrix

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