How to use lteTestModel vs lteRMCDL on receiving part when we want to decode LTE signal?

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I have generated LTE signal with "1.1" test model, using "LTE waveform generator". Now I want to decode it.
So if I do
enb = lteTestModel('1.1', '20MHz')
I see 1x1 struct with PDSCH of Modulation scheme, TxScheme = Port0.
Now after
  1. Freq correction & Cell search
  2. OFDM demod
  3. Channel estimation & noise equalization part
I'm ready to decode channels from OFDM demodulated rxGrid. However, I need to know PDSCH.TrBlkSizes which is configured using lteRMDCL, which is another LTE app for Downlink generation.
I can't figure out which lteRMDCL model should I use. I assume, that 20MHz BW for 1.1 model has 100RB, so it's R.9 RMDCL. But still not sure.
Trying to guess both models relations in ETSI 136 101 V15.9.0 (2020-02), page 1477.
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Sabyrzhan Tasbolatov
Sabyrzhan Tasbolatov on 22 May 2022
enb = struct('TMN', 1.1, 'BW', '20MHz', 'DuplexMode', 'FDD');
enb = lteTestModel(enb);
rmc = lteRMCDL('R.9', 'FDD');
Note, the difference in CFI. Is it OK to merge and take rmc as LTE configuration?

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Sabyrzhan Tasbolatov
Sabyrzhan Tasbolatov on 27 May 2022

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