how can i revert to the previous version of a script

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while I was writing my code I accidentally deleted all my script and the autosave meant that I cannot find my code. How can I restore the code to the latest version before saving which erased everything?

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Edward Tomanek
Edward Tomanek il 29 Mag 2022
Hello Marco,
Unfortunately, it is likely that you won't be able to retrieve your old code. If you have files with the extension .asv in the directory where you are working it is possible that these could contain your autosaved code. However, this is not guaranteed. In addition, when you close the editor these files are deleted by default, unless you have changed this setting. To try and prevent this from happening in the future, you can go to Home tab -> Preferences -> Editor/Debugger -> Backup Files and untick the "Automatically delete backup files when the Editor closes" option. You can also change the frequency at which the files are autosaved.

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