Trying to simulate NLARX model in Simulink throws an error

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I'm trying to use a NLARX model (NL3 below) i constructed inside matlab using the system identification toolbox and the train_id iddata object. I copied the simulation template from the example in this source:
I keep getting the error:
Failed to evaluate mask initialization commands.
> Caused by: Output argument "PortNo" (and possibly others) not assigned a value in the execution with "idslmodels.nlarx.addCustomRegressors" function.
whenever i try to run a single simulation and i don't know what i'm doing wrong. The model use the past 60 inputs to produce an output and i'm using a vector of 60 values as an initial condition.
Can anyone please help me? Thanks!

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Rajiv Singh
Rajiv Singh on 9 Jun 2022
This appears to be a bug. Please reach out to technical support or use the "Report a bug" link on Bugs Existing in R2022a | Bug Reports (
What release of MATLAB are you using?

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