Simple question with saving a .jpeg

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aurc89 il 30 Gen 2015
Commentato: aurc89 il 30 Gen 2015
Hi, I have a very simple question about saving images in Matlab. I need to save a plot as a .jpeg and I do this by executing this code:
pcolor(wldf_cut,tau,Iw_cut2),shading interp;
saveas(gca, fullfile(folder_save, 'map_wl'), 'jpeg');
where folder_save is the directory I choose to save this file. The problem is that this code opens the figure before saving it, while I want it so save the plot without opening the figure in a window. How can I do? Thanks P.S. I do this inside a GUI interface and save the image by pressing a button: if I don't write the line
it saves the figure in a wrong way.

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Julia il 30 Gen 2015
I guess if you write like that
it should solve your problem.

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