Adding additional information on plot tooltip

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I have a plot , when i hover over the plot line, it displays the value. At the same time i would like to also display the temperture, which is also part of the dataset but not displayed on the plot.
How do i edit the tooltip, so that additional information can be displayed on the tooltip ?

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Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 21 Jun 2022
Use function dataTipTextRow
Dharmesh Joshi
Dharmesh Joshi on 21 Jun 2022
Ok i can get it working if my plot has only one data set e.g.
But i gett the following error message, when a plot has multiple plots
Intermediate dot '.' indexing produced a comma-separated list with 2 values, but it must produce a single value when followed by subsequent indexing
Error in n02 (line 141)
s.DataTipTemplate.DataTipRows(end+1) = row;

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