Multi label Image Classification using Deep Learning

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Hi, I am attempting to create a model to classify data that can have multiple labels.
These images are labeled in a xslx file like so
Image Label 1 Label 2 Label 3 ... Label 41
1.png 1 1 0 1
I attempted to sort the images into folders coresponding to the labels, duplicating the images if they had multiple labels.
This has not worked.
Any advice or solutions to this problem?
Thank you all

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Abolfazl Chaman Motlagh
Abolfazl Chaman Motlagh il 26 Giu 2022
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Brendan McAntosh
Brendan McAntosh il 11 Lug 2022
Do you know if there is a way to put the last layer as a classification layer instead of a regression layer?

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