the plot and the patch is totally different from same data, how to solve it?

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for i = 1:length(trajectory)
plot3(trajectory(i).Longitude, trajectory(i).Latitude, trajectory(i).Altitude)
hold on
for i = 1: length(trajectory)
xptcl = prctile(trajectory(i).Longitude,[2.5 97.5]);
yptcl = prctile(trajectory(i).Latitude,[2.5 97.5]);
zptcl = prctile(trajectory(i).Altitude,[2.5 97.5]);
xptcl = [xptcl;];
yptcl = [yptcl;];
zptcl = [zptcl;];
xl(i,:) = xptcl;
yl(i,:) = yptcl;
zl(i,:) = zptcl;
patch([xptcl flip(xptcl)], [yptcl flip(yptcl)], [[1 1]*zptcl(1) [1 1]*zptcl(2)],'r', 'FaceAlpha',0.5)
hold on
plot3(xl(:,1), yl(:,1), zl(:,1), '-k', 'LineWidth',2)
plot3(xl(:,1), yl(:,1), zl(:,2), '-k', 'LineWidth',2)
plot3(xl(:,2), yl(:,2), zl(:,1), '-k', 'LineWidth',2)
plot3(xl(:,2), yl(:,2), zl(:,2), '-k', 'LineWidth',2)
grid on
I wroted the code likt this above.
but it seems totally wrong.
the patch should be narrower than trajectory, because i set the range with percentile 2.5 and 97.5.
how can the patch be more bigger than the trajectory?
I thought at least the patch's size is as same as trajectory's size.
dpb on 26 Jun 2022
The plot appears they are related given shapes shown, but could be scaled differently, for example.

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