livescript and m file

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alpedhuez on 28 Jun 2022
Answered: patrick1704 on 30 Jun 2022
Livescript seems to be good for protptyping and m-file seems to be good at running. Does anyone go back and forth between Livescript and m-file?
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Abhijeet on 29 Jun 2022
Hi, alpeduez
Could you elaborate, what do you mean by "back and forth between Livescript and .M file".

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patrick1704 on 30 Jun 2022
Well, they are in the end different file types so it's not like you can decide directly on how to execute them if that is what you want. However, as suggested in this answer by Mathworks, they provide a conversion utility: How do I go between plain scripts (.m) and live scripts (.mlx)? - (


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