how to use a polybuffer without changing the polygon's shape?

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I've used polybuffer. but when the d(distance) is a largen number, the buffer is someting like circle(round).
so I used sqaure too, but it retunred hexagon, not a rectangular even i made a polygon with 4 coordinates.
This is what i want. I want the polybuffer to be as same shape as a polygon.

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Matt J
Matt J il 29 Giu 2022
use scale
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Sierra il 29 Giu 2022
I tried scale. but unfortunately the result is not what i wanted.
I want to use polybuffer like second image.
Thanks Matt J
Matt J
Matt J il 30 Giu 2022
Modificato: Matt J il 30 Giu 2022
In what way is the result "not what you wanted" and what code produced that result? If you want the expansion centered around the centroid of the polyshape, specify a 3rd argument to the scale() command.

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