square wave not "limited"

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Federico Paolucci
Federico Paolucci on 30 Jun 2022
Answered: Jon on 30 Jun 2022
hi, I produced this square wave signal, but as you can see the square peaks have no upper limit. how can i solve?
in reality I seem to see that the graph is the other way around

Accepted Answer

Jon on 30 Jun 2022
You probably are not correctly specifiying the duty cycle. If you want the square wave to be "on" half the time you should set duty = 50, also note that the first argument to square is in radians, so each cycle is 2*pi radians. You have to scale your input accordingly.

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 30 Jun 2022
Doesn't seem to have any issue.
t = linspace(0, 3*pi, 3001)';
f = 2;
duty = 50;
x = 0.03*square(f*t, duty);
plot(t/pi, x, t/pi, 0.03*sin(2*t))
grid on
ylim([-0.05 0.05])




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