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How to edit bayesopt inner code?

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영택 오
영택 오 il 5 Lug 2022
Risposto: Muskan il 5 Set 2023
I recently used bayesopt library for my research.
But, for my research, I have to fix some parts of the bayesopt inner code.
I want to modify the code without messing up the original code.
How can I do this?

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Muskan il 5 Set 2023
I understand that you want to modify parts of the ‘bayesopt” inner code.
As per my understanding of the question you can do so by the following.
  1. Create a copy of the library: Make a copy of the bayesopt library folder and give it a new name. This will serve as your modified version of the library.
  2. Modify the code: Open the copied library folder and locate the specific parts of the code that you want to modify. Make the necessary changes to the code while preserving the original structure and functionality. Be cautious not to introduce any syntax errors or logical inconsistencies.
You can further refer to the following documentation for a better understanding:
I hope the above information helps resolve your query.


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