New line when writing to a text file using fprintf?

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I would like to print to a .scad file to create a drawing on openscad.
I want to iterate the drawing through 1-8281. However, I want there to be 8282 seperate lines of code. For each seperate segment of drawing. For example, I want the code to print out:
1stline: $fn = 30
2ndline: {translate([1st,1st,0]);cylinder(1st,1st,1st);}
3rdline: {translate([2nd,2nd,0]);cylinder(2nd,2nd,2nd);}
4thline: {translate([3rd,3rd,0]);cylinder(3rd,3rd,3rd);}
8282ndline: {translate([8281st,8281st,0]);cylinder(8281st,8281st,8281st);}
i have attached my code here:
xm,ym,l2 and r2 are all 1x8281 arrays which i wish for their ith value to be printed out.
fo = fopen('random_lens.scad','wt')
fprintf(fo,'$fn = 30;');
for i=1:8281

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Star Strider
Star Strider il 13 Lug 2022
The newline character for fprintf and its friends is '\n', so perhaps:

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