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alphabetagamma il 14 Lug 2022
Risposto: KSSV il 15 Lug 2022
Hi, I am creating graphs which contain time series values of some variables, and their projections into the future. Specifically, there are 3 cities. Let's call them city = ['A'; 'B'; 'C'], and three variables. Let the vector of variables be vars_list = ['unrate', 'ffr', inflation_rate']
I have computed the graphs that show the how each of the series has evolved in each country upto the present, followed by the impact of a a shock on one variable at a time from vars_list. For example, one graph can be the forecasts of ffr in city A, where there is a shock on unrate in city B.
I have to do this for all cities and all variables in a for loop. My question is how do I save all the graphs that I get in MALTAB to a folder in the computer through a for loop without having to plot each graph separately and save one by one?

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KSSV il 14 Lug 2022
for i = 1:10
figName = ['plot_',num2str(i),'.png'] ; % you can give path, your desired string here

KSSV il 15 Lug 2022
Thanks is accepting the answer.. :)

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