Simulink Model for ohmic heating in a resistor

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I need to model temperature rise of a resistor due to joule heating with a variable supply or a variable resistor. Is there a simulink component that can be used for this or it has to be implemented with the physical equations fed into block diagrams?
Can someone help give an idea of how this can be modeled?

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David John
David John il 18 Lug 2022
Have a look at the Variable Resistor and Thermal Resistor blocks. The source code should be available for both of these blocks.
If you start from the Thermal Resistor source code, you can simply change R from being a parameter to being an input:
R = { 0.0, 'Ohm' }; % R:left
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David John
David John il 26 Lug 2022
Modificato: David John il 26 Lug 2022
If you are making a custom block, change the line "intermediates (Access=private, ExternalAccess=none)" to "intermediates (Access=private, ExternalAccess=observe)", and then R will appear in the simlog.
Or simply extract i, p.v and n.v from the simlog and plot (p.v-n.v)./i against T.
Mukti Chaturvedi
Mukti Chaturvedi il 27 Lug 2022
Thanks you for all the help. I have tried getting a plot wrt time and also resistance wrt Temperature. Attached the model with the plot options. Supply voltage is now given as 70V.
Now, please suggest how can a temperature check be included in a way so that when temperature exceeds 1000 degree C, then supply voltage has to be changed to 100 V for 0.02s.
I am not aware of MATLAB coding, but stil,can a source code of this model be generated?

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