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Problem with fprintf command

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Aftab Ahmed Khan
Aftab Ahmed Khan il 9 Feb 2015
hello everyone, I have this set of schemes which i want to print. The way i am doing is like this, The "pno" control for me the active protocol that i want to display. Any help. Thank you.
protocol={'HighestSINR_closest' 'RandomResource' 'FirstAvailable'}; % Set of protocols
pno=3; %protocol number
fprintf('Current Scheme, %s',protocol(pno));

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Guillaume il 9 Feb 2015
Modificato: Guillaume il 9 Feb 2015
You need to learn and understand cell array indexing.
returns a cell array made of the cells in indices,e.g:
c1 = c2([1 3 5]) %return a cell array made of cells 1, 3 and 5 of c2
c1 = c2(3) %return a cell array made of 1 cell: cell 3 of c2
returns the content of the cell at index.
You want the content of the cell, so use curly braces:
fprintf('Current Scheme, %s\n',protocol{pno}); %you may also want a '\n' in your string

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