Save multiple doubles in different sheets of one excel file

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I have different data, each of them are class doubles and have size (300 x 4). How can I save all of them in different sheets of one excel file? I would also like to name every column in every sheet. I had the following in mind, but open to other codes/ways that work.
example of doubles that i have
my_data: size (300 x 4)
your_data : size (300 x 4)
her_data: size (300 x 4)
% example
col_names = {'MA', 'CA', 'PA', 'TL'} % the first row will name every column with these names in every sheet
data_names = {'my_data', 'your_data', 'her_data'} % each are doubles of dimesnion (300 x 4)
for i = length(data_names)

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