missing parts of a figure when converting to pdf

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When I use exportgraphics (or print) to convert a matlab .fig file to a .pdf file, the markers near the yaxes missing.
The .fig looks like this
And the .pdf produced looks like this
The following are the code producing the .fig
f1 = figure;
f1.Position = [400, 300, 650, 450];
yyaxis left
f1_p1 = plot(ana_nl_rng, ana_w1_dl_vec, "--", "LineWidth", 1.1, "Color", "#0072BD");
hold on
f1_p2 = plot(sim_nl_rng, sim_w1_dl_vec, "x", "MarkerSize", 7.0, "LineWidth", 0.8, "Color", "#0072BD");
f1_p3 = plot(ana_ns_rng, ana_w1_ds_vec, "-.", "LineWidth", 1.1, "Color", "#D95319");
f1_p4 = plot(sim_ns_rng, sim_w1_ds_vec, "o", "MarkerSize", 7.0, "LineWidth", 0.8, "Color", "#D95319");
ylim([0, 30]);
ylabel("$D^{(\phi)}$", "Interpreter", "latex", "FontSize", 14, "Rotation", 0, ...
'Units', 'normalized', 'Position', [-0.08, 0.53, 0.5]);
yyaxis right
f1_p5 = plot(ana_nl_rng, ana_nl_rng .* ana_w1_dl_vec + ana_ns_rng .* ana_w1_ds_vec, "-", "LineWidth", 1.1, ...
"Color", "#EDB120");
f1_p6 = plot(sim_nl_rng, sim_nl_rng .* sim_w1_dl_vec + sim_ns_rng .* sim_w1_ds_vec, "+", "MarkerSize", 7.0, ...
"LineWidth", 0.8, "Color", "#EDB120");
ylabel("$\hat{D}$", "Interpreter", "latex", "FontSize", 14, "Rotation", 0, ...
'Units', 'normalized', 'Position', [1.09, 0.6, 0.5]);
ylim([120, 200]);
xlim([5, 100]);
xticks([5, 10:10:100]);
xlabel("$n^{(LB)}$", "Interpreter", "latex", "FontSize", 15);
set(gca,'XTickLabel', get(gca,'XTickLabel'), 'FontSize', 14);
f1_ax1 = axes("Position", get(gca,"Position"), "Visible", 'off');
legend(f1_ax1, [f1_p1, f1_p2], ["Analysis", "Simulation"], "FontSize", 12);
f1_ax2 = axes("Position", get(gca,"Position"), "Visible", "off");
legend(f1_ax2, [f1_p3, f1_p4], ["Analysis", "Simulation"], "FontSize", 12);
f1_ax3 = axes("Position", get(gca,"Position"), "Visible","off");
legend(f1_ax3, [f1_p5, f1_p6], ["Analysis", "Simulation"], "FontSize", 12);
I added some arrows and textboxes manually afterwards, and I used the exportgraphics function to produce the .pdf
exportgraphics(f1, "./pdfs/dr_vs_n_fix_w_1.pdf")
Can anyone help me figure out what's the problem? Thank you!
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Jul 2022
You could experiment with https://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/ref/matlab.graphics.axis.axes-properties.html#budumk7_sep_shared-Layer setting the axes 'Layer' property to 'bottom' . It should be 'bottom' by default, but it just might make a difference, maybe.
You could also use xlim and ylim to make the axes slightly bigger so that the end points are inside the drawing area.

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 31 Jul 2022
Copied from my suggestion in the comments:
Disable the clipping of the axes object:
axes('Clipping', 'off')

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