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Running "for" loop in Simulink

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Siavash il 11 Feb 2015
Chiuso: MATLAB Answer Bot il 20 Ago 2021
Dear Guys.
I have a problem running Simulink. I want to Make a model and arrange in a way that after each run a new number enters the calculation process and get an individual output without overwriting the previous one.\My matlab command is simply like this:
for i=1:100
for j=1:50
this is a very simple command in matlab but in simulink if i use the intervals {1:10} in constant block, the whole model runs together. how can i make such a model in simulink. Actually i want the model to do the j calculations and after that it goes and takes a new i and repeat the j calculation again and store the new sets of data as a new output without overwriting the previous one. By the way i think simulink will add all the outputs so instead of 5000 outputs we only have 1.

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