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False positive candidate Rule 10.3 for float array zero-initialization

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Polyspace is raising the 10.3 MISRA violation for array initializations like the one below:
float data[3*3] = {0}
My question: is this the intended behavior of Polyspace? Shouldn't this type of zero-initialization be allowed?
My impression is that the MISRA 2012 standard allows this by exception. Other static analyzers do not raise a warning. Empty array-initialization makes the warning go away, so we may just do that.

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Anirban il 4 Ago 2022
Modificato: Anirban il 4 Ago 2022
The problem is not because of the array initialization. Indeed, as you say, MISRA C:2012 standard allows an exception of rule 10.3 for aggregate initializations with {0}.
The violation is shown because you are assigning 0 to a float variable (the two have different essential types, see here for essential types). But the MISRA exception for {0} covers aggregates of all data types. So, this is indeed a false positive (and will be fixed in a future release).
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Anirban il 4 Ago 2022
Thanks for pointing to the discussion. Using 0.0f would remove the Polyspace violation, but not address the intention behind the MISRA exception. This is indeed a false positive and will be fixed in a future release.
I edited the answer above to correct this.

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