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Create an Abaqus material library using MATLAB

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I was wondering if it is possible to create a Material library for Abaqus directly from Matlab or an .inp file containing the material properties of my choice in order to optimize faster. I know it is possible using Python I have been trying with Matlab but I can't find a way. If someone has previous experience would be much appreciated.
So for example I create a Material library in Abaqus called "TestLib" with a material called "AL 2025" with a description ("algo que poner") and I defined the Young modulus ("70000") and the Yield Strength ("346.0"). The file that Abaqus creates is the one I attach, what I want is to create that in MATLAB without having to run Abaqus and complete the boxes manually.
Thanks in advance.
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Mario Malic
Mario Malic il 6 Ago 2022
How is the material data stored in that textual file? Show an example.

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Mario Malic
Mario Malic il 8 Ago 2022
Hey, this should work, alter the code as you wish.
clc; clear;
file = "TestLib.lib";
fileContents = strsplit(fileread(file), '\n');
youngMod = num2str(75e3);
fileContents{43} = strrep(fileContents{43}, 'AL 2025', 'New material name');
fileContents{43} = strrep(fileContents{43}, '70000.0', num2str(youngMod));
fileContents{43} = strrep(fileContents{43}, 'Algo que poner', 'New description');
newFile = "new file.txt";
FID = fopen(newFile, "w");
fprintf(FID, '%s\n', fileContents{:});
movefile(newFile, "NewLib.lib", 'f'); % change extension

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