Ploting or seeing 3/4D Weather Data NC4 file in MATLAB

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I am supposed to read an NC4 file and check for weather data. I only started working on it and the following is the code:\
The file is actually an air density file where var1 is 848*824 order, var2 = 848*824 and var3= 848*824*744 order. The extra dimension in var3 is that of time and because of it, the pcolor is not working I think. How can I remove this dimension ? I don't need time I just want a plot perhaps , var1 and 2 are lats and longs on geo map, var3 is the air density but has time in it.
ncfile = 'filename'
myvar1 = ncread(ncfile,'var') ;
myvar2 = ncread(ncfile,'var') ;
myvar3 = ncread(ncfile,'var') ;
shading interp

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 7 Aug 2022
pcolor can be worked on only a matrix. You var3 is a 3D matrix.
pcolor(var1,var2,var3(:,:,i)) ; % where i = 1,2,.....744
Also have a look on slice.

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