MATLAB Coder does not recognize dot notation in struct member assignment

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% Unable to generate C Code using MATLAB Coder for simplified example function shown below. Error description states, "This assignment
% writes a 'double' value into a 'struct' type. Code generation does not support changing types through assignment. Check preceding
% assignment or input type specifications for type mismatches ".
function ExampleFunction() %#codegen
global SD
SD.a = 0.0;
SD.b = 1.0;
SD.a = SD.b;

Answers (2)

Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 11 Aug 2022
See the article "Name the C Structure Type to Use With a Global Structure Variable" in the MATLAB help documentation. You need to register the struct type with coder and map struct variables to registered types.

Konstantinos Athanasiou
Konstantinos Athanasiou on 11 Aug 2022
The following codegen command compiles without errors for the provided example.
% codegen t -globals {'SD', struct('a', double(0), 'b', double(0))}
function r = t
global SD;
SD.a = 0.1;
SD.b = 0.2;
SD.a = SD.b;
r = SD.a;

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