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how can i create a variable size Buffer?

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Matlab_Beginner il 17 Ago 2022
Risposto: Brahmadev il 8 Nov 2023
Hallo, when i run my Simulink model, i get an Error with the Buffer Block as shown in the capture (Buffer does not support variable Size signals).
i want to create a non overlapping variable Size Buffer, which adds the remaining overflow 'z' in the beginning of the next frame.
Can anyone give me tips on how to do it and help me in anyway.
I appreciate every help. Thanks in advance!

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Brahmadev il 8 Nov 2023
I understand that you would like to implement a variable-sized buffer. Buffer block does not support variable size input.
An alternative approach is to create a buffer that accepts variable size input is using a "MATLAB Function" block. I have attached a working Simulink example of how this can be implemented using a "MATLAB Function" block.
This example creates a variable-size input using the testInput” MATLAB Function and sends it to the “Buffer” that is created using a MATLAB Function block. To verify the output in MATLAB, a “To Workspace” block is used.
Hope this helps in resolving your issue!


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