varfun changes the variable names in the table

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decimate_func = @(x) x(1:data_step:end);
T1 = varfun(decimate_func,T);
T2 = T(1:data_step:end,:);
T is a table of double and string columns. Expected T1 to be te same as T2, however T1 modifies the column names by adding a "Fun_" to the variable names. why?

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dpb il 18 Ago 2022
Modificato: dpb il 20 Ago 2022
Because you operated on it with a function and so it is NOT the same variable any more -- that is documented behavior. varfun doesn't know (or care) that the function only selects a given subset of the same variable and doesn't modify it. It ((varfun, that is) also doesn't try to parse the function name (since so often one uses anonymous functions amongst other reasons) to add to the variable name; it just uses 'Fun_' as the arbitrary identifier.
You can manually rename the variables if you wish, of course...
T2.Properties.VariableNames=T.Properties.VariableNames; % put original names back

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