the 'polyarea' function dose not work well. how to solve it?

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I want to calculate area of four polyshapes.
the result from one polygon seems wrong.(VFR_lon_merged, VFR_lat_merged) It returns NaN value.
I attacehd the data.
Please Let me know how to solve it.

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dpb on 20 Aug 2022
>> VFR=[VFR_lat_merged VFR_lon_merged];
>> find(any(~isfinite(VFR),2))
ans =
>> VFR(ans-5:ans+5,:)
ans =
37.5443 126.4193
37.5451 126.4259
37.5456 126.4325
37.5458 126.4392
37.5458 126.4392
37.4425 126.4427
37.4423 126.4432
37.4421 126.4434
37.4412 126.4442
37.4402 126.4451
Your original data contains a NaN entry -- looks as though this could probably just be ignored, but I didn't try to see what the shape actually is nor where/how this might fit (or not) into the contour.
dpb on 21 Aug 2022
Good point, Walter...didn't think about that even though the variable names indicate a good possibility...

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