Closed loop discrete PI controller

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how to find integral and proportional can i interface it with a PWM and switch input to get desired op.
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Pranav Pillai
Pranav Pillai il 3 Set 2022
A closed loop system.Im designing a boost converter.PI controller is for the voltage correction.
Sam Chak
Sam Chak il 3 Set 2022
Could you provide the transfer function of the boost converter? It helps to determine the suitable values for the PI gains.

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel il 6 Set 2022
please use the references on this page to dive deeper into designing closed loop control for boost converters.

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Pranav Pillai
Pranav Pillai il 9 Set 2022
I have figured out the PI gains using ziegler-nicholas method.
How can i find my boost converters transfer function?
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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel il 9 Set 2022
Hello Pranav, if you use average mode converter models, you can do it fairly simply using the controls toolboxed and the model linearizer app.
If you want to keep switching involved, you'll need to do a frequency reponse
Here is the basics for frequency response estimation.
One other alternative is since it's a boost converter, you can derive the 2nd order transfer function of the system, and close the loop with your PI controller using matlab commands or do it analytically. Wikipedia has the equivalent closed loop system for controller and plant defined as transfer functions available publicly, but getting the 2nd order transfer function for a boost converter is mostly in conference and journal papers.

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