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Build Truth tables with MATLAB code

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Andrea il 17 Feb 2015
Commentato: Andrea il 17 Feb 2015
I wrote a MATLAB fuction which allows to model, in automatic way, boolean equations (written in a graphical language) in Simulink blocks with logical gates using the commands: add_block, add_line and set_param.
Now I want to model the same boolean equations using the truth tables... which MATLAB commands I must to use?
Anyone knows the MATLAB code which allows to build, in automatic way, a truth table?
Links to other discussions are good.
Thanks in advance, best regards

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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy il 17 Feb 2015
Do you want to use Truth table in Simulink? Perhaps this link can help you,
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Andrea il 17 Feb 2015
Hi Ilham,
thanks for you reply, but my MATLAB function belongs to a framework. In the framework I model, in Simulink blocks, a set of boolean equations.
Inside each Simulink block the equation is represented with logical gates. After all equations have been modelled I build input and output ports and link them to the Simulink blocks.
Now I want to replace the Simulink blocks with Stateflow/Truth Tables blocks; like shown here

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