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How to stop (an infinite loop) / the execution of my matlab code via app designer?

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Hey, i got an infinite while loop in my script and i want to get out of it using matlab app.designer, therefore i created a start button to run my script which is working perfectly fine and a stop button to stop it whenever the user wants to from the designer.
I couldnt figure how to programme the stop button. a solution can be the change of the value of the while loop(while true ==> while false) from the designer when clicking on the stop button. how can i do it?
i appreciate every help and thanks in advance!
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Matlab_Beginner il 30 Ago 2022
Hey, i did not actually. i saw the link its almost the same question as mine. i will try it and tell u
Matlab_Beginner il 30 Ago 2022
Hey again, i didnt figure out what to put in the ButtonCallback fnct. i quit new to app designer, can u provide me with more info on how to do it.
thanks a lot.

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Ankit il 30 Ago 2022
@Matlab_Beginner Please find solution to your problem, I have attached *.mlapp file too

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Rik il 30 Ago 2022
You need to use the callback function from your stop button to edit a value. This is the general structure:
function StartButtonCallback(app)
while ~app.StopButtonClicked
% Do things
% Process any callbacks in the queue. This will also update the value
% of app.StopButtonClicked if the stop button callback has run.
function StopButtonCallback(app)
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 30 Ago 2022
Evidently you also have a function called "StopButtonPushed" which is not shown in your screenshot. Don't have the flag name be the same as your callback function name. Call the flag StopButtonClicked like he said, not StopButtonPushed (which is your function's callback name).

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