How can I read a column from excel while I do not want all the data of that column?

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I want to plot four graphs in the same figure. I can read all of them from excel. But for first plotting i want to plot all the values of X; but the second plot I want to take the values after 5 intervals, the step size should be suppose 5, something like xmin:5: xmax. how i can do that?
plot(X,Y1, 'color','b','linewidth',2);
plot(X,Y2, 'Marker','o', 'color','b','linewidth',1);

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dpb il 31 Ago 2022
It's VERY inefficient to open/read/close the same file three times, not to mention it just makes for more work to address multiple variables with sequentially-number names. The existence of such is a very good sign that MATLAB syntax isn't being used effectively.
Instead, do something more like
data=readmatrix('phasesintegrated'); % read the whole array at once
hold on % so can add to same axes
plot(data(:,1),data(:,3), 'bo-','linewidth',1);
Not sure what else, specifically you want to plot, but the "every fifth point" thing is trivial -- see <colon, :> for all the skinny on subscripting, but
would add the 2nd set of data with a red 'x' for every fifth point beginning with the first. You can change the starting index at will, too, of course.


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