how does "[x,y] = WindowCenter(window)" work

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when using [x,y] = WindowCenter(window) to determine the center of the window, what should "window" be?
Haojue Yu
Haojue Yu on 1 Sep 2022
what should I input inside that parenthesis?

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Accepted Answer

Rik on 1 Sep 2022
The documentation for that function is terrible. Let that be a lesson for when you write your own function. This help text is completely inadequate.
Even after reading the documentation for the Screen function, I can only tell you that window must be a window pointer or a screen number:
rect=Screen('Rect', windowPtrOrScreenNumber [, realFBSize=0]);
How you would get a window pointer is a mystery to me. Probably with this:
As this page says: "Return a vector of windowPtrs, including on- and off-screen windows."

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