How do I fix a variable to a certain number??

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Heejin Kim
Heejin Kim il 23 Feb 2015
Risposto: mohammed alwaely il 27 Nov 2019
Hi Im trying to fix a variable to a certain number.
I have set a variable called 'cx' as randi([10,30]) in GUI, but later on somehow it doesn't recognize cx and just leaves it as undefined. So when I define it again as randi([10,30]), obviously it gives another number, different from the initial one.. how do I fix this variable as a constant throughout the whole loop??
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dpb il 23 Feb 2015
" might seem like the definition of cx is the problem, but what I'm trying to do is just fix it as a constant."
Matlab does NOT have the concept of a constant variable (const in C, PARAMETER in Fortran). A variable is a variable; you can only keep it a constant once it's defined by ensuring by code logic that it is only ever defined that one time.

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Greig il 24 Feb 2015
I suspect that cx is defined in a callback function somewhere, but is not passed back to the GUI handles, so that to the other GUI function, cx is undefined. Have a look at Share Data Among Callbacks or try
doc guidata
Or post part of your code and we can be more specific about how to fix it.

mohammed alwaely
mohammed alwaely il 27 Nov 2019
how to fix this P/Po as one variable equal to zero???


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