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Is there a mechanical rotational to mechanical translational converter block in Simscape?

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I'm looking for what seems to be a basic element. I'm looking for a mechanical rotational to translational converter with two inputs on either side.
That is, I'm looking for a block that does not presume either input is referenced to ground.
There are some blocks that are close, but don't really do what I want.
  1. "Simscape/Foundation Library/Mechanical/Mechanisms/Lever" gives me the effect I want on the mechanical end, but has no rotational ports.
  2. "Simscape/Foundation Library/Mechanical/Mechanisms/Wheel and Axle" converts a single translational input to a single rotational input assuming both sides are referenced to ground. In my case both sides are not referenced to ground.
  3. "Simscape/Foundation Library/Electrical/Electrical Elements/Rotational Electromechanical Converter" does almost what I want, but is between mechanical rotational and electrical instead of mechanical translational.
I'm sure there is a way to "build" my own converter, but it seems like such a fundamental component that it should exist already.

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Charles Refvem
Charles Refvem il 11 Set 2022
I found the best solution was to make my own custom component using an .SSC file. The file is attached for anyone interested in my solution.
I simply adapted the "Rotational Electromechanical Converter" and "Translational Electromechanical Converter" blocks to make a block that does what I want.

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Alex Alex
Alex Alex il 8 Set 2022
Simscape/Driveline/Gears/Rotational-Translational its not for you? Matlab verson?
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Charles Refvem
Charles Refvem il 11 Set 2022
Thank you for the suggestion. I looked around in the Driveline library and still couldn't find anything. I'm running R2022a.
I did manage to come up with my own custom solution though that I'll post in an answer below.

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