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Where store PolyspaceAsYouCode Eclipse plugin the general and project related configuration ?

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I want to preconfigure a eclipse project from the buildchain and configure the plugin settings "Use baseline from PolyspaceAccess", "AnalysisOptionFile", "CheckersFile", "PolyspaceAccessURL" but I can't found the file where these settings are stored.

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Anirban il 9 Set 2022
The options that you specify through Polyspace > Preferences, such as Polyspace Access URL, are stored in:
(%AppData% is a hidden folder in Windows, which resolves to something like C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\)
Among other options, you might be specifying a folder for results through the option Results folder. Or, you might have left the default. In either case, the options that you specify through Polyspace > Configure Project are stored in a subfolder of this results folder.
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Horst Dreßel
Horst Dreßel il 1 Dic 2022
Thanks a lot,
Now I
  • modify the variable "DEFAULT_PROJECT_FOLDER" to %USERPROFILE%\Polyspace_Workspace
  • set the Polyspace-Eclipse-Preferences.prf to "%AppData%\MathWorks\MATLAB\R2022a\Polyspace\Eclipse"
  • create buildandanalysissettings.txt in "%USERPROFILE%\Polyspace_Workspace\EclipseProjects\Project
  • start eclipse
After this preperations I had following situation (sometimes) and I don't understand it :-(
  • The default preferences in dialog Polyspace-Preferences are set incomplete, URL is ok, results folder is often empty
  • The project configuration would not be read from the buildanalysissettings.txt (often) and don't found the location of the file in the windows hell.
How can I prepare the Eclipse PolyspaceAsYouCode Environment in a stable reproduceable way ?
The files are attached (renamed *.txt)
David Delarue
David Delarue il 5 Dic 2022
Hi, the path in the polyspace.prf file must be a valid file URI like:
  • file:/C:/Users/z132038/Polyspace_Workspace
  • instead of file:C:\Users\z132038\Polyspace_Workspace
When this is done the project settings file should be generated here:

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