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How to take the maximum value of an array?

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Hi, I have this array a = [1:20]. How do I take the maximum value of every 5 elements of it. So I will have b = [5 10 15 20]. Anyone can help me? Thank you.

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Star Strider
Star Strider il 25 Feb 2015
This works:
a = [1:20];
b = max(reshape(a, 5, []));
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arina octave
arina octave il 25 Feb 2015
and I'm truly amazed with your answer.. aaa thank you so much Star Strider!

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Greig il 25 Feb 2015
Try something like this...
steps = 5;
b = NaN(mod(length(a)/steps,steps), 1); % preallocate b for speed, if you want to run larger loops
count = 1; % an index count for b in the loop
for ii = 1:steps:length(a)-(steps-1)
inds = ii:ii+(steps-1); % The indices we are interested in
b(count) = max(a(inds)); % Get the max
count = count+1; % add 1 to the counter
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arina octave
arina octave il 25 Feb 2015
hi, thank you for kindly answer my question. but what i want is the x axis of signal b exactly like the x axis of signal a. do you have any idea how to do that? thank you...

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