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Cell Array Conversion to a Numeric Array by using a loop

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I have a cell array containing over 9000 data, but I want to convert the cell array into double to which I am able to maunipulate data in such a way. Whereby the data is currently stored in cells and I want to find the movemean of 3,4,5 point respectively. Is there such a way that I can loop with a for loop so that after it has done the movmean(TEC{1,1},3) it would automatically do the movmean(TEC{1,2},3) and so on and so forth?
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This picture shows the cell and the row is a double array containing several hundred of data. I was hoping to to extract each row within this cell array and convert it into a single column double array, and finding the movmean of the double as shown in the cell array and then extracting the processed data and making it a new variable if possible( or any or mean method of data storage)

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dpb il 12 Set 2022
You can try
If the content of TECs is an array of double arrays, you'll get a new cell array of the moving mean by column of each of those arrays with the default behavior of movmean regarding end effects.
This is almost a pure quess from limited information on how the cell array is actually constructed; see <how-to-ask-a-question-on-answers-and-get-a-fast-answer> for pointers.
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Tianchu Lu
Tianchu Lu il 12 Set 2022
hi, thanks for your answer, I have put limited infortmation on this matter, I appreciated your answer, I will try and edit the question so that you are able to see what I am trying to ask.

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