How to format wkt (well known text string) as a normal string to build a webread input?

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I am using an API to download some weather data, and I can get webread to work when I copy the example GET request, but I can't seem to figure out how to format the wkt portion of the request on my own.
For example, if I build the string like this, I will get a bad request error. If I copy the built string and replace the portion regarding wkt, then the code will run flawlessly. The equal sign is omitted, and the parenthesis are interpreted as some character value
% what wkt is supposed to look like in the string: &wkt=POINT(10+-50)
% what my wkt looks like in the string: &wktPOINT%2810+-50%29
api_key = 'EXAMPLE_KEY';
wkt = 'POINT(10 -50)'; % <-- this is the issue
attributes = ['dni','dni','ghi'];
names = '2017';
utc = 'false';
leap_day = 'false';
interval = '30';
full_name = 'Example Name';
email = '';
affiliation = 'Example Institution';
reason = 'Test';
mailing_list = 'false';
api_base = '';
data_out_struct = webread(...
[ api_base '&api_key' api_key '&full_name' full_name '&email' email...
'&affiliation' affiliation '&reason' reason '&mailing_list' mailing_list...
'&wkt' wkt '&names' names '&attributes' attributes '&leap_day' leap_day...
'&utc' utc '&interval' interval]...
filename = 'Test_Downoad'
url = data_out_struct.outputs.downloadUrl;

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Rik on 14 Sep 2022
I suspect you need to apply percent encoding, as URLs are not allowed to contain spaces.
Rik on 31 Oct 2022
That is odd. When something errors on this site, I generally retry a few hours later.
If it keeps erroring out, feel free to flag this thread so site admins can take a look.
Anyway, glad to be of help.

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