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Cenk M. Yetis
Cenk M. Yetis on 15 Sep 2022
Commented: Rohit on 3 Oct 2022
I have two "time series data" (1) and I want to "neatly" concatenate them in Simulink (not in Matlab).
  • When I use any Simulink concatenate block, due to time stamps in the two input data, the output matrix has zeros in it.
  • To avoid extra zeroes, I cannot just extract the data column from the input data, so that I can concatenate only the data columns.
Does any one have an idea how to do this only in Simulink (without help of Matlab commands)?
(1) In time series data, in the first column, there are stamps. In the second column, there are data.
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Rohit on 3 Oct 2022
In order to understand the query better, please provide the following information,
  • A sample data for the two timeseries?
  • The details about which Simulink concatenate block you are using (preferable with a sample model itself)?
  • What is meant by “neatly” in your question?
  • Is the data an object of timeseries class or is it just a matrix with first column as datetime and the second column containing data?
You can try using MATLAB function block inside the Simulink if it fits your use case and inside that, add the commands to append the two datasets.
If using a timeseries object, consider using timetables instead.
You can refer to the following documentation on timeseries, timetables and MATLAB function block for more information on them

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