How to import pointpillars network into DeepNetworkDesigner

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Hello, I am new to matlab. I would like to ask on how do you import the PointPillar Network into Deep Network Designer. After I openExample, I enter the Deep Network Designer and try to import PointPillars so that I could modify the network and do transfer learning. As I import, the Deep Network Designer mention that no network is in the workspace. But in the Lidar 3-D Object Detection Using PointPillars Deep Learning, it mention that the pointPillarsObjectDetector was created using Deep Network Designer.

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Shreyansh Mehra
Shreyansh Mehra on 22 Sep 2022
Hello Phoi,
The following documentation will help you get started with PointPillars, including how to create PointPillar networks and perform transfer learning. Please have a look.

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